Not only do we offer some of the best food in Grand Junction, we also pair it nicely with our vast beer selection. You’d be surprised how much better everything tastes when the right meal is balanced with the right beverage.

Below are a few suggested pairings to get you started, hand-picked by our chef. Come in and ask your server for other recommendations if your palate is feeling extra adventurous. Maybe you will get lucky and our chef will pair a beer for you.

Our menu changes seasonally so make sure to check back!  

ARTICHOKE DIP mainline Lager

Braised artichoke blended into creamy cheese dip cannot be enjoyed alone. It needs to be surrounded by zucchini, carrots, chips, crisp golden lagers, and good friends. There. That’s how you start off the good times.

Asian Chicken Salad mainline IPA

Sweet meets salty with grilled teriyaki chicken bridges nicely with the sharp hoppiness of an IPA. Now toss in the fresh medley of carrots, cabbage, radishes—this is the flavor combo your taste buds have been waiting for. Give this pair a run.

Brie Apple Chicken Sandwich mainline Agave Wheat

Honey-mustard, sautéed apples, creamy Brie cheese, fresh tomatoes and spinach—the works. Such an avalanche of flavors splashed upon juicy grilled chicken can best be quenched with the sweet, subtle accents of Agave Wheat ale. Can your taste buds handle it all?

Teriyaki Chicken Satays mainline Brown

The rich, exotic Asian flavors of thick peanut sauce accented with sesame seeds draped over grilled chicken—this entrée deserves a robust beer up to the challenge. The roasted, caramel intensity of an English-style brown ale should do the trick. Good call.